Four Months Old

Four Months Old


Weighing 11.4 pounds and a little over 22″ long. Our sweet girl has been growing so fast! Wearing 0-3 month size clothes and a few newborn size outfits still. We started baby sign language a few weeks ago and she gets excited when we sign milk to her. She loves to eat, stand up, chew on anything she grabs and playing in her excersaucer.

Watch out for your hair because she does not let go! Loves to watch the cartoon Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Finally has a schedule for nap time and bedtime, and do not mess with those! Girlfriend gets cranky when it’s time for bed. She loves her baby shusher and her favorite song is still Go to Sleep Little Baby from Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I can’t believe she is four months! I laid in bed last night looking at photos from when she was born and videos I took – I get all emotional!

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