10 Favorite Items

Tomorrow Lillian and I are headed to Illinois to visit my sister and nieces! We cannot wait! They haven’t seen Lillian since she was three weeks old (she will be five months on the 6th)! I thought I would start this blog off by sharing some of my favorite items for Lillian and myself.


  1. Munchkin Baby Formula Dispenser – These have been my go to dispensers while we are on the go.
  2. Tommee Tippe Bottles – We have tried alot of brands when it comes to bottles, especially with Lillian having reflux. Right now her favorite is the Tommee Tippee 9 oz bottles.
  3. “Happy” Tula Exclusive by Frogmama – Um, need I say more?! A Tula + Dachshund pattern = HEAVEN!!!
  4. Owlet – This item I cannot live with out right now. We had a big scare with Lillian when she was barely two months old and ended up in the ER on Christmas night. Ever since, she has worn this for all naps and bedtime.
  5. Water Wipes – My go to wipes! I won’t use anything else on Lillian’s skin!
  6. Honest Company Diapers – Now I actually cloth diaper Lillian, but when we are on the go (especially with our big trip tomorrow) I use these diapers! They have worked great for us and Lillian’s sensitive skin.
  7. Baby Shusher – This is a life saver! Lillian can’t go to bed without her shusher! Ethan and I would be exhuasted from saying “Shhhhhhh” “Shhhhhh” over. and. over. and. over. He got this for Lillian for Christmas and we have had to replace the batteries three times because she uses it so much! 😉
  8. Sophie Giraffe – Lillian’s teething has been fierce lately! She loves this rubber giraffe but our two dachshund sure think it’s their squeaky toy!
  9. WubbaNub – What baby doesn’t love a cute WubbaNub! She loves her little puppy! Lately she has been playing with it more than using it as a paci.
  10. Magnificent Baby Blanket – Another Dachshund pattern, I know I know..but if you stick around long enough you will realize anything dachshund I. HAVE. TO. HAVE. We got this baby blanket before she was born and it was the first blanket she was wrapped in when she was born.

I hope enjoyed our 10 favorite items! Of course I would love to know what are some of your favorite items for yourself or baby! I’m always looking for new things to either help our day to day or entertain Lillian!



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