A blog? Well it’s about time!

Why Hello!
Well…where the heck do I even start? I am just so excited to finally have an outlet of my own. To where I can blab (wait, me blab??) and share all of my loves in the mommy/baby world and my own life! So I figured, why not start a blog!? My main outlet right now is Instagram which can be considered an obsession. Following all these beautiful mommies and bloggers on there was the push to start this one.
I wish I had started this before I had Lillian – especially through our troubles of conceiving her. If you know me or follow me via social media, you know that my husband and I had to do IVF to have our miracle baby girl. But I think I will dedicate a whole blog post on its own for that.
Right now I just wanted to get this started so I could jump right in on sharing! A quick intro to me: I am 25 years old and married to an amazing man, Ethan, of five years. He serves in the United States Marine Corps and is a car/motorcycle guy. We have our precious baby girl, Lillian, who entered this world on November 6th, 2015! She has been the answer to our prayers and has made our hearts whole.  I’m obsessed with all things dachshund and have two of my own, Diddy and Dash. I have a huge love for Coke Zero and coffee!
I hope enjoy this blog and follow along!
Follow me on Instagram: @kaiti.stoeckel
birdblog– Kaiti

6 thoughts on “A blog? Well it’s about time!

  1. I wish I started earlier too. It is overwhelming at first. Like, where do I even begin?! I just started blogging two months ago. I hope you have as much fun with it as I have.


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