Five Months Old!

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Where has the time gone?! I feel like she was born just yesterday and here we are at five months! Time has just flown by. I love watching her grow and learn new things but so wish time could slow down.

  • She tried her first food, avocado. And loved it!
  • Tries to steal your food if you eat in front of her.
  • Holds her own bottle.
  • Can sit by herself for a few seconds.
  • Hates when I leave the room.
  • Had her first airplane ride and hotel stay.
  • Loves to chew on her toes and hands.
  • Teething is full force but no teefers yet!
  • She will take anything you hand to her.
  • I swear she says “Mom” or “Mama”!!

She is such a happy baby! Smiles and laughs all the time unless she is tired or hungry. She does have her rough days were her reflux is acting up but I think with seeing this new GI specialist and higher dose of meds is helping big time!

Next month is her half birthday!! 6 months old. Holy shit. I’m planning something special…and yes I’m THAT mom. 😉 But she is my first baby and we waited a very long time for her – so I just want everything to be special! 💜


10 thoughts on “Five Months Old!

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