We’re Moving!


The Stoeckel’s are packing up and getting the hell out of here! . . . Just kidding. We still have some time. 🙂

We got the official word that we are headed to Quantico this year! I really shouldn’t say the word “official” since we are talking about the military here – nothing is really “official” when it comes to them. However, we are very very excited for this new adventure!

We should be moving early fall, so we still have some time but I had to make a cute announcement to tell everyone! Also, if you don’t personally know me – I’m a big planner!  I already have a few trips planned for this fall, so I have been patiently waiting for Ethan to tell me his orders were approved. I’m using the word patiently very lightly here. . . 😉 He was probably getting ready to lose his shit since I was asking about it every day for the past month or so! But. . . I. NEEDED. TO. KNOW. Okay?

I was getting a little excited to do some house hunting there but we’ve decided to just go right to base housing for now until we get the feel of the area.  I might or might not be already planning Lillian’s first birthday party and looking into locations in the Quantico area! (I did start a Pinterest board for that if you want to check it out.) It will be perfect since majority of our family and close friends live only 2.5 hours away in Delaware. Which could be a good thing and bad thing. I’m not a very “home” person. My home is my house with my husband, daughter and dogs. I grew up with just that since my dad is prior military. Move, move, move, and move. That’s all I did. So I really enjoy new beginnings to share within our house. . .if all that makes any sense.

Easiest way to put it is that I am a very independent person – I’m so use to doing everything myself since Ethan is gone 90% of the time and focusing on his military career. I am happy that we won’t be extremely far from family, so on the occasion we can do family dinners, etc. My younger brother is still in high school and it will be easier to attend his special events! But we are excited to get a feel of the new area and meet new people! All part of the military life style.

So we will be soaking up these last 5-ish months here in the Lowcountry. I will really miss it here. We bought our first home and had our miracle baby here. I’ve met some pretty amazing people here that I will truly miss. 😦 But that will just give me an excuse to come and visit frequently, right??

Lots of memories to cherish forever.

I am excited to be able to document this new adventure in our lives, especially now that we have Lillian!!


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5 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. This is adorable! We’re Navy and have been located in Virginia Beach for the past 2 years- it’s been a fun journey. Good luck on your move! I’ll be in your shoes next year, gotta love pcs moves ☺


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