Baby Led Weaning!

Lillian is onto solid foods and she is loving life! That girl has been trying to steal the food off our plates for a month now – I have given her avocado in the past but I’d like to say we are officially onto the adventures of solid foods.

Now, everyone has their own ways about moving onto solids and we decided baby led weaning would be the best route for Lillian. If you’ve never heard of it, you should definitely do some research on it. Basically, your baby feeds themselves, no purée foods at all. I recently downloaded the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook to learn more about it BLW and ideas on foods. So far it’s been a great read!

I will be adding a segment into my blog more on Lillian’s experience with BLW, the yummy foods she will get to learn about and like or not like.

Her first food was avocado like I mentioned before. We started giving her a little bit of that around 4.5 months old. But I knew once five months hit she would be really ready. And it was seriously overnight. She woke up one day and was constantly reaching for our food and trying to put it to her mouth! So crazy that she knew exactly what to do.

The other day we tested out carrots. I just steamed them and cut them into the size of French fries.

  She went right for them! As you can see, she thought she would try to grab them all! Crazy girl.   

 Even though it looks like she is happy and loving it, she kept making a funny face. So I wasn’t sure if she didn’t like it or maybe it was the texture. We did try it again today and no more funny faces were made. She loved them.

Last night was her first time trying sweet potatoes and she seemed to also really like those as well! 

 It just blows my mind how she knew exactly what to do with her food! I’ve only steamed her vegetables so far, next I want to bake them for her. 

Lillian tried a banana for breakfast today and she was munching on that – I couldn’t even get a picture of her because she was going crazy with it! 

I been reading more of my BLW cookbook to get more ideas on other vegetables and foods she can try. We will be stay very far away from any dairy due to her reflux and intolerance she has. I just don’t want to risk it. But I’m enjoying this new little adventure with her and of course she is too! Little moo moo over here! 

Stay tune for the next update on Lillian’s BLW adventure!

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