National Infertility Awareness Week

1 in 8 couples – 7.4 million people – Someone you may know. . .someone like me.


I never thought I would have to go through all I did to have my daughter here with us. It took nearly five years – unmeasurable heartache, numerous injections and ultrasounds . . . disappointment after disappointment. It never got easy seeing all those negative tests or empty ultrasound screens. But I learned to be open about it and found the support I needed.

This years theme for NIAW is “Start Asking”. Whether you are going through infertility or know someone who is, this theme speaks to everyone. The mission is to get everyone involved with infertility to start asking questions! There is this dark cloud over people that infertility should be kept quiet but don’t be ashamed of your story! It could inspire others to reach out and ask questions!FullSizeRender 2

Asking questions and trying to find support is what lead me to a doctors office to figure out what was going on. I wish I had done so sooner. I was clueless as to what infertility was, I honestly thought “No way could I not be able to get pregnant on my own.” False. I wish I gone to a doctor years before even thinking of trying to conceive. Once it finally hit me that “Wow! A few years have gone by and we still don’t have our family. . .” I started to do research and look into others who were going through the similar issues.

This week I will be sharing more into our infertility/IVF story, facts on infertility and ways you can help support someone dealing with it or even ways to help yourself if you are going through this difficult journey.

Just remember, you are not alone in this.

Tomorrow will be a blog post on our infertility/IVF story, so don’t forget to subscribe for email notifications!


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