Half A Year Old!


6 months old. . .

Where has the time gone?

Lillian weighs exactly 13 pounds and is all over the place, rolling and attempting to army crawl. She can sit up unassisted File1156-1and says mama! Officially sleeping in her crib (in our room of course) and started sleeping on her tummy. No teeth yet but she sure loves her food! Her favorite is avocado, mango and green peppers. Everyone just loves her when we are out and about, she smiles at anyone. But she has started the whole “stranger danger” phase. . .mostly men and their deep voices scare her. Loves to talk, just like her mommy and daddy. I already see our future when it comes to school. Girlfriend will be sent home with lots of warnings about how she talks too much lol.  I think I say this every monthly photo but I am just so thankful and lucky to be her mommy! She is the biggest blessing in our lives and we love her so so much.

I took her 6 month photos and they turned out pretty good! Loved her “Half Birthday Outfit” – It was made by Girlies Galore on Etsy! Click HERE to check out her Etsy shop. File1248-1

I made the cake totally last minute – I wish she could have tasted it 😦 Poor girl wanted to so bad, but with her MSPI that is a big no. The cake stand was from our gender reveal party, so I loved being able to use thatFile1178-1 again! Tooting my horn over here, but I’m pretty proud of myself for setting all this up. . . and by myself! I really needed to have a little wagon to haul this stuff from my car to where I took her photos – because making a few trips back and forth, along with carrying Lillian – that was a work out!

Oh and the banner in the background is from Michaels – it actually hangs on her crib when it’s not hanging off branches. 😉


Click here to see more floral numbers and how-to on them!

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