Books, Books, & Books!

We love our books! I’m hoping to build her a few shelves soon for all of them since they are currently piled up in a basket. She is just starting to get into them (well I like to think she is) . . .giggles at me when I read in funny voices to her.13239107_10157076961185657_964693611425630090_n She doesn’t have a favorite right now, but we have read our collection over and over. I just recently got some of those books that have the buttons for sounds/music – ours happens to be Frozen themed with the sound “Let It Go”. She loves it and loves to press the buttons. Of course she thinks my singing along to it is just the best. thing. ever. 😉

If you have any recommendations for children’s books to add to our collection, I’d love to know! I loved reading as a kid! My parents got me my own bookshelf and it was packed full! My favorites were The Babysitters Club & Nancy Drew! My mom is a huge reader too – so I hope Lillian enjoys it just as much as we do. Now, Ethan. . .not so much. He HATES reading things  and doesn’t see the joy in it. Boo. So again, hoping she follows me in the ‘book loving’ aspect lol.13226852_10157076961260657_2530421598372150677_n

Side note, how freaking cute is this outfit from Gymboree!! We made a trip there a few days ago because I had a gift card – the whole start was like $10 and below! She doesn’t have much orange in her closet so I couldn’t pass this one up. Plus, how can you say no to ruffles!?! 13221031_10157076961305657_790465918121997415_n

I always get asked where do I get her headbands from. I usually buy from small shops of Instagram, but a lot of hers come from Little Poppy Co. They do a monthly subscription. 3 bows a month for $11.99! If you use the code “LOVEIT” you can get free shipping on your first month! Such super cute bows! We’ve been subscribed since Lillian was born.



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