Baby Led Weaning

We haven’t really expanded into try new foods lately – I feel its so hard to go past veggies or fruit due to her milk/soy intolerance. I need to do some research and get food recipes together that she can eat!

But some new foods she has tried are green peppers, cucumbers and pears! And she LOVES them all! 13164385_10157066565255657_3359965607370338054_n

I think she really loves the peppers and cucumbers because they are cold and feel good on her poor inflamed gums. I leave the skin on the cucumbers and just cut them into spears for her. She sucks them dry! LOL.

I recently have been getting a little backlash on doing BLW from her. . .mainly family members making comments about it all. It started to discourage me a bit, making me feel like I’m a horrible mom because I don’t do things “the normal way” with Lillian. But in the end, she is our daughter and I will raise her and feed her how Ethan and I want. I don’t understand what the big deal is. . .if you aren’t feeding her, standing there supervising her – why the hell does it matter how I feed her?! 13241228_10157066564730657_4899858848875102172_nI share pretty much EVERYTHING on Facebook – and when I say EVERYTHING, mainly photos and updates of Lillian. Why??? Because no one can get off their ass and come see us. Sooo…that goes to me sharing the whole BLW process on Facebook, which tides into the lovely “comments” we have received. Before you trash something, do research/google, ask ME how it all works. . .don’t just judge it because it’s not “normal” to you. Lillian LOVES it. She hates pureed food because she wants to feed herself, no help from mommy. lol!

Anyways. . .getting frustrated and side tracked now Kaiti! If anyone has any great resources for recipes for BLW, especially milk and soy free! I’d love you forever! Please share!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning

  1. Thanks for the peeled cucumbers idea! Babystar and I are looking for new foods to try every day–she insists on feeding herself and refuses all purees now. Good for you for trying BLW! (I think if baby can handle it, baby will let you know! Mine wanted only purees until recently. We are all different, right?)


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