7 Months Old!


I can’t handle this. She is just growing up so fast! How do mom’s handle this?!? I get anxiety thinking that her first birth is just 5 months away!!! It doesn’t help that this past month she has been on a roll hitting a bunch of milestones!

She is so mobile! No more leaving her laying down and walking away for two seconds to go pee, lol! She is attempting to crawl and can sit herself up all on her own. Her personality is just shining more and more, always smiling and such an easy baby! Unless it’s in the middle of the night, teething has not been fun! Ethan and I had our first night our without her – proud of myself for not canceling or calling every 10 minutes to check on her.

We been in Illinois for some time visiting my sister and her family. So she has been having a blast with her two cousins! The roadtrip to Illinois was a mess though. I mean she did great overall, but it took so long! It’s normally a 12 hour drive, but we ended up needing to stop to get a hotel. Ethan missed a turn and we drove a hour past the exit, then we got stuck in Atlanta traffic for 2+ hours. Lillian had her fill of the car for the day – so getting the hotel was a good choice to break up the drive for her.

I just can’t believe this little girl is seven months old. I was just organizing all my photos and videos this past week on my computer – made me an emotional wreck. She was just a tiny little baby. 😦 But like every month, I’ll just sit over here…cry a little as she turns another month older and not believe how fast time is going.

Life has been crazy so excuse the absence of me on here – we are getting ready to have our house packed up and belongings put into storage. Lillian and I will be staying with my parents for a few months while Ethan finishes out his last bootcamp cycle at Parris Island. I’m excited for my parents to get to bond with Lillian since they haven’t seen her since January!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


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