How To: Monthly Floral Numbers

I’ve received questions on here and on Instagram about the floral numbers I use for Lillian’s monthly pictures. So I figured I would put together a little how-to on them even though it is extremely easy!

Where to buy: If you are wanting fake flowers to use throughout the year of monthly photos – My go to places are Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget to search for coupons online at Retail Me Not – I’m all about saving a few bucks!

I’ve used fake and real flowers – just depends on what color I’m wanting to go with or if I find a good deal on fake flowers.

  • I also suggest having a place to lay baby that can be consistent every month. We bought a cute rug at Home Goods for her bedroom and it became a perfect place for her monthly photo!

File Jun 24, 10 15 55 AM

So after you pick your flowers and a place to take the photos, all you have left is to make the number! I pull/cut the flowers off the stems and start figuring out what looks best when creating the numbers. I’ve seen people do thinner numbers on Pinterest, but I prefer a thicker number.

Before laying baby down for the photo – I alway take a few practice shots to check number position and lighting.

12512253_10156923400155657_4914737173276358449_n   13124877_10157038995040657_2999604883815018936_n

That’s it! See, wasn’t that so easy!? I saw this idea on Pinterest a year or so ago -and I knew this was what I wanted to do if I had a baby girl! I try to coordinate her outfits with the numbers or if there is a big holiday during the month.

Hope you enjoyed this little info/how to on the monthly floral numbers! If you decide to do this, tag me on IG or comment down below! I’d love to see your recreation of the floral numbers!!







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