Goodbye South Carolina

Yes I have been MIA – excuse me. It’s been crazy the past few weeks – but hopefully things have calmed down enough I can catch up! So here we go. . .

We have left the Lowcountry . . .well Lillian and I. Ethan is still finishing up his last cycle as a Drill Instructor – which ends mid September. Growing up in the military I always knew to not get attached to a place we were living because 3-4 years later it was onto a new place.13645109_10157312763400657_6343844829035984662_n But Beaufort stole my heart. It’s probably because we bought our first house there, went through IVF and had our first baby. I loved my job at the animal hospital and formed some amazing friendship because of that place. I miss it so much already!

The whole moving part wasn’t bad – military packed us up in one day and loaded it up on the truck the following day. Lillian of course entertained everyone with her silliness! 😉 I’m such an OCD person when it comes to packing – I stayed up until 3 am for the whole week before moving trying to get everything organized before random people came and just threw everything into a random box. Ethan thought I was crazy, but I just wanted to have just a tad bit of control on what was going on. 😉


Our little moving truck – I always feel like we have so much stuff, but when I see other military families moving with a dang semi truck – I know we are doing okay with the amount of our belongings – haha!! But I did sell some things before they packed everything up. One of the things I love about moving is, it’s a fresh start. So I’ll get rid of some things (like our dining room table) and I enjoy finding something new for our new house.

As sad as I am that we have left Beaufort, I think I really need this fresh start – new place and new adventures! We shall see. . .

Even though Lillian cared more about the grass than the photo I was trying to take of her – I will always cherish this. We said goodbye to our house. We might have only lived here for 8 months but it has so many memories. 13680882_10157324304945657_694257037542224260_nWe moved in the day before we had Lillian (yes, the day BEFORE – I shit you not!) Crazy people over here. It’s where we brought her home from the hospital and became a family of three…well five if you count the two crazy dachshunds. 😉 I formed a huge attachment to this house. “Normal” people usually have their forever home before starting a family, and that’s where they stay for years to come. You don’t have to say goodbye to the house where you brought your babies home. . .where they learned to roll over for the first time or crawl! We will never live in this house again – and it’s sad to me. I know….I know – move on Kaiti, it’s just a dang house! Having Lillian has made me form all these new emotions and attachments to certain things.

Anyways, as of right now we are staying at my parents house in Delaware. We are headed to Quantico to start house hunting though! Can’t wait. A lot of family members have finally got to meet Lillian, so we have been enjoying our time here. Ready to have our new house and get settled though!


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