Hello Beaufort…again.

We made our way back to South Carolina – and actually surprised Daddy a few days early!! Lillian was so happy to be with her Daddy!!


Lillian and I had such a great visit with him. Sad that he still had to work like crazy…but to spend the little time we did – it meant a lot to us! The drive down wasn’t bad at all, ended up stopping at a hotel about 3 hours from Beaufort…which was perfect so we could surprise him the next morning! And of course Diddy & Dash were just as happy to see him!

  file-sep-06-2-05-43-pm          file-sep-06-2-06-32-pm

Now…the drive back to Delaware was another story – a story from hell. I forgot one of Lillian’s medications which caused her to just scream and scream the whole 10 hour drive. We also hit traffic in Norfolk – HORRIBLE traffic. Someone ended up shooting at a truck driving down the highway! Freaking crazy ass people in this world! I was stuck in dead stop traffic for over an hour…with a screaming baby. Seriously, a drive from hell!

Love looking at the photos from our trip. . . I hate that we can’t be together but we did this for a reason (to save money) and it’ll be worth it once we can be back together. I just can’t wait until we can have time as a family. We get to move into our new place in September and already planning a playroom for Lillian! She will love having a special place to play and I can’t wait to decorate and be TOGETHER. A family. I hate doing this parenting by myself…it’s been this way since Lillian was born because of his demanding job as a Drill Instructor. Thankfully, he will be going back to a “normal” Marine Corps job. Now, I know there really isn’t a “normal” job in the MC…but going from DI to anything else is normal to us! Lol!

Hurry up September!

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