10 Months Old!


To start off, I want to say Happy Birthday to Joey. Today he would have been 27 years old. For those that don’t know, Joey is where Lillian’s middle name is from. He was one of Ethan’s best friends who died in a helicopter crash on their second deployment to Afghanistan. 1958539_521482804638132_845365223_n If you haven’t, you need to check out the Red lions Project! We are always thinking of him and his family.

Lillian has learned so much this month! Her newest thing is shaking her head no and dancing! And to be honest, I didn’t know that’s what she was doing at first and first time mommy over here – it was scaring me that something was wrong…but I started to shake my head to see if she would mimic me and she did! She has a total of 4 teeth, plus 2 more coming in! She is very close to walking! Took 4 steps the other night while Facetiming Daddy! Waves at everyone she sees at the store. My parents and I swear she says “what’s that” or “who’s that” lol!! She is finally clapping her hands normal – she was only clapping by smacking the top of her hands. So now clapping is one of her favorite thing to do. Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse still and Sophia The First! We leave next week to go see Daddy graduate his last bootcamp cycle as a Drill Instructor, then it’s off to Quantico! It’s been really hard being away from him and I can’t imagine how he feels to not be with Lillian…Ready for our family to be back together!

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