11 Months Old


Where has my tiny baby gone?! My heart is hurting that she is growing up so fast, but of course I’m happy that she is growing at the same time. Healthy and happy girl. She is so smart and learns new things fast.

She is going to be one next month!!! ONE PEOPLE!! I can’t handle all this. She weighs exactly 18 pounds and has 6 teeth with probably more coming in with the way she has been drooling lately!

Her new favorite things to say are “Yeah!” and “Ow!”. She is walking everywhere now and even sleeping in her OWN room. She has such a funny and sassy prsonality that shows mor and more each day. Planning her party is now in full force. I was running around crazy today trying to decide on everything! But I think I will stick to Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping for everything else! 😉

I have a few DIY projects I need to work on for her party and Im planning to make some cute cake pops (so I need to practice those lol). Can’t wait to share more from her party soon!


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