Hello. . .It’s me. . .

Hi. Hello. Howdy!

And holy shit I have failed at this blogging thing. Oooooppppps.

I truly want to get back into it and I really need that outlook right now. Ya know? To talk to my computer screen and probably get nothing back in return. But thats’ okay!

I didn’t even check to see when my last blog was, probably Lillian’s first birthday or maybe even Christmas..????  And right now that seems forever ago and makes me sad to even think that! She has changed so much. But if you follow me on Instagram you see that on a daily basis. 😉

I’m wanting to get more into lifestyle, home and of course the mama stuff for my blog! I need to set time aside for this.

Oh, did I mention I sell LuLaRoe now too?!?! See! A lot has changed and it’s not just Lillian. I needed something for ME. I needed a pick me up and that was LuLaRoe. I won’t get into it too much because I don’t want people to think I’m trying to pitch a sale or anything (and here I am thinking someone is reading this.) BUT. . .it’s been amazing to have this for myself. Stressful. Hectic. Some days I feel defeated and think “What the hell was I even thinking?!?” But I am pushing myself and that is all that matters, right?

So here I am and not fully committing but sorta kinda committing to getting back into this blog. I mean I did pay for the dang thing so I should! I am making a weekly schedule for myself between LuLaRoe, IG, Blog and that thing you like life. So we shall see!!

Thanks. Bye.




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