Week of The Young Child


Hey Everyone! I am back for a new post – See! I guess I am really getting back into blogging. Well I’m trying to at least. I have a lot I will be posting in the next few days because so much as been going on. But first, let’s talk about reading to our kids!!

This week is Week of the Young Child!

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go -Dr Suess 

I feel that reading is such an important part of a child’s learning that we need to start right from the start. It was something I have always enjoyed doing, even as a little kid. While others were locked in on the TV – I was enjoying a book to read. IMG_0749

Lillian has started to really get into us reading to her. She points to the pictures, laughs, and wants us to read the same book 50 times in one night. Ha!

One of my favorites as a child was The Giving Tree. A few weeks ago I was going through an old box from my parents house and found my book! So of course I had to get it out and read the story to Lillian! She is loving it so far and points to the boy on every page! We finally got her some bookshelves from IKEA so we can display some of our favorites. Plus. . . she loves to pull all the books out and they will be EVERYWHERE. So I was a tad bit tired of picking them up a million times a day! LOL!!

IMG_0750Anyways, Sunday was the start of Week of the Young Child, raising awareness for the importance of early literacy and language skills for all children. For every image submitted to the campaign, Social Native will donate $5 (up to 5k) to Jumpstart Kids! How freaking awesome is that?? Let’s help raise awareness for early education and work towards the day that every child enters kindergarten prepared to succeed! Take a picture of your little one and you reading, post to IG and tag #readconnectsucceed!

What are some of your favorite books as a child or what are some of your children’s favorite books?


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