Wolf + Cub Teething Necklace

Hey! Kaiti here again! 😉


The past few weeks have been rough. Lillian is in full force teething mode again. She started off really slow when she was younger but the past few months they have been coming in like crazy. She is putting anything in her mouth to chew on and drool is everywhere! Her poor fingers have so many little cuts on them from biting on them!

unnamed-1So I wanted to share a shop that has THE cutest teething necklaces from Wolf + Cub! I’ll even share a code for free shipping at the end! 😉 Lillian loves to chew on the necklace and it’s fashionable for me! Ethan didn’t even realize it was a teething necklace at first and I’ve actually got a bunch of compliments on it too!

I’m obsessed with the pastel color combos that they have! So I will definitely have to get one of those! They are made from 100% food grade organic silicone, BPA free, lead free, and has a breakaway safety clasp. If you have a nursing baby, so perfect to wear the necklace so you have less hair pulling! 😉

unnamedLillian even likes to “share” the necklace sometimes….forcing it in my mouth to chew on it too! LOL She is so silly!! Head on over to their Instagram to check them out or their website! Use code HelloLillyBird for FREE SHIPPING!!


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