Elf on The Shelf Ideas!

It was our first year doing Elf on The Shelf, and I think I got way too excited about it! 😉 It was so much fun planning this and seeing Lillian’s face every morning when she would find her!

Idea 1: Elf brought a new advent calendar and Christmas jammies! IMG_6630

Idea 2: Hot tub fun in the crockpot. (filled with cotton balls)

Idea 3: Tea time with Minnie Mouse

efl1 Idea 4: Story time with friends.

Idea 5: Racing Cinderella under the tree!


Idea 6: Snow angel in flour!

Idea 7: Making a mess with bandaids!


Idea 8: Elf brought a gingerbread house from Santa!

Idea 9: Hot chocolate with a friend!


Idea 10: Elf gives puppy a check-up.

Idea 11: Teaching the animals Elf 101.


Idea 12: Hanging from the curtain.

Idea 13: Elf doing some fishing.


Idea 14: Elf got into the dog treats.

Idea 15: Elf being a photographer.


Idea 16: Elf brought back a snowman…but he melted.

Idea 17: Elf made snowmen out of donuts.


Idea 18: Elf made cookies!

Idea 19: Elf doing some maintenance on a car.


Idea 20: Elf taking a ride on Marine 1 around the house.

Idea 21: Elf fueling up on some caffeine.


Idea 22: Coloring some fun pictures.

Idea 23: Elf brought a birthday present for daddy.


Idea 24: Elf hiding in the stockings.


Hope you enjoyed all the ideas we did for Christmas! Lillian sure did love them!


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