Spring/Easter Books

Why Hello! Long time…yeah yeah, I totally did not keep this blog up like I had planned. Oooppps.

Since I’ve been sharing a lot of baby/kid stuff on Instagram, I had a few mama’s ask if I could put together an Easter Basket gift guide and some of our favorite Spring/Easter books! So I figured this could help me get back into blogging again.

I will have the Easter Basket Gift Guide up tomorrow! I’ll have a list of ideas for Babies, Toddler Girl/Boy and a Gender Neutral list as well. Stay tuned for that! 🙂

Here is some of our favorite books to read for Spring and Easter, plus additional ones that I have sitting in my amazon cart right now.



New book by Joanna Gaines and it will be released on March 26! You can preorder right on Amazon. Loving the illustration in the previews.
A new book we added to our collection for Spring.
Another new book we added as well. Super cute story of a mole smelling spring and figuring out how to wake up his friend the bear who is still sleeping.
The classic Little Blue Truck which is a favorite in our house but a Springtime edition!
One of my favorites as a kid, I still have my book that was gifted to me on my first Easter.
Another childhood favorite, I recently gave Lillian my collection from when I was a kid.

Lillian is really into Paw Patrol, so I just recently ordered this one for her.
Love the Llama Llama books! We got this one last year and it’s a favorite.

A new book I have in my Amazon Cart! It’s about a bunny family who are Easter Egg Decorators and the son is discovering what kind of artist he wants to be.
Lillian loves all the Mouse books!
We collect all the books from this series for all the holidays!
Love the illustration in this book and explains the meaning behind Easter, a new one we’ve added to our shopping cart.
You can never go wrong with a Little Golden Book and this also explains the meaning behind Easter.

I hope that you enjoyed looking through all the books I’ve shared in this post, and that you find something new! Let me know in the comments what is one of your families favorite Easter/Spring book. We always love adding new books to our collection.

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